Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Teaser!

Tuesday Teaser from WIP "Bride Price".  Erick is one of my favorite heros.  I hope you enjoy it as much as me.  Also be sure and check out April London's Teaser as well and Jennifer's.

“I’m sorry, but all I have that might fit you are an extra set of Nathan’s old clothes.”
“Our butcher, he’s not quite as tall as you, but close will have to do.”
“This is it,” Erick held up the linen shirt, heavy woolen trousers, and the belt that Dei had thrown back at him.  “What are you going to wear?”
“Just this old dress.  It’s the warmest one in here.”  She turned around with the dress just as Erick was stripping his wet clothes off. “I . . . forgive me, um,” she turned back around quickly and hid her blushing face.  Her cheeks felt as though they were on fire.  She had never seen a man’s body completely naked before.  It startled her when she considered turning around for another look.  But reality and previous experience came crashing down hard.  How could she have been so careless; however, her mistake was not followed by a rally of angry words.  Perhaps he realized that she had not meant to catch him unaware.
“Dei,” Erick said intimately, using her pet name.  He had a huge smile on his face as he stood her up and turned her trembling and very red face to look at him.  “Look at me.”  She glanced up quickly through her long eyelashes and saw the laughter in his face.  He wasn’t even angry; he thought the whole thing funny.
“You’re not angry?”  The sound of his laughter echoed through the caves as he threw his head back. 
“Of course not and when we have time I plan to formally introduce you to all of me.”  His huge grin stretched across his face.  Dei thought he looked very much like a dog that had just been given a huge bone.  She had a strange feeling that she was the bone.  “I don’t suppose you would allow me the same peek?” 
Dei felt her heart rise to her throat and she choked back a frightened cry.  The barbarian had just asked to see her naked in the middle of a storage room.  She was wet and cold and frightened to death that she would do something to change his mind about beating her.  Perhaps she should just suck it up and do as he asked.  Knowing she was legally his wife, Dei swallowed her fear and started untying the neck of her tunic, scared however of what his reaction to her beaten body would be?  It hadn’t been near enough time for even old bruises to fade, much less the new lashes, still stinging from the dip in the ocean.
Erick watched in amazement as Dei’s hands proceeded to untie her tunic, however, the next thing he noticed was the terror in her eyes.  “Dei stop,” Erick grabbed her hands and held them tightly against his chest.  “It was not an order; it was more of a teasing dare.  Please, I will leave the room while you change.  Just call me back when you are finished.”  He saw the relief flood through her face and she nodded in acknowledgement.  


  1. Hot damn! I love it! I want to read more of THIS ONE!!!!

  2. Oh, yeah!! Love it!! More, please! And, thanks for the link to my Tuesday Teaser—so sweet of you :)