Friday, March 30, 2012

I just want to say how excited I am to host Tambra Kendall today on my blog.

Without further ado.........

Tell us a little about yourself, Tambra.
My love of romance began with the big sweeping historicals, especially the Medieval and Scottish-set stories of the 17-1800s. An alpha male in a kilt? I am so there.  At twelve years old, I decided I wanted to be a writer. It's been a long road, but I made it. I continue to buy writing how-to books to improve my work. I want to be the best writer I can, to bring readers stories they want return to time and time again.

It isn't surprising much of my work is focused on Celtic mythology. When I learned about my ancestry, I discovered it is in my blood. Mostly of Scottish and English descent, I was thrilled to find my passion was rooted in more than my imagination.

If I'm not writing, you can find me sewing or creating Victorian-inspired greeting cards.

Tell us a little about your book.
Wicked Temptations is a contemporary, erotic short story. I'd call it slightly naughty fun. The blurb below will give you an idea of what the story entails. I had so much fun writing it. There are two other stories connected to Wicked Temptations, Through a Magic Mist and The Dark Mist.

Blurb for Wicked Temptations:
Laria MacCleod, owner of Wicked Temptations, a teashop known throughout the region for its pastries and scones. Hamish Wallace enemy of her family becomes aggressive; pushing Laria to sell her property for her knows the land is magical. Laria needs a hero and patron of her shop, Cameron Logan fits the role. The attraction crackles between them as Hamish's evil plans endanger Laria, Cameron and the Fae.

When did you start writing and when did you finish your first book?
In 1989, I finally had the chance to begin my writing journey. My children were small and I worked a full-time job,  I focused on children's literature and articles. I took the Institute of Children's Literature course and a short story writing course at our local college.
In 2008 I wrote my first full length novel. It was during NaNoWriMo-National Novel Writing Month. This book is a contemporary YA fantasy, something I'd never written before.

Where do you get your inspiration?
Inspiration comes from everywhere. Listening to people's conversations, people watching, a phrase spoken, an article in the newspaper or online. Brainstorming with my critique partner, my boyfriend or family members, so you see, I really do find ideas from all types of sources.

Do you plot and outline or do you just write?  Plotter or Pantser?
Actually, I'm a combination plotter. I do both. I plot a chapter or two at a time. This gives me the flexibility to change or refine without being restricted.

Can you tell us a little about the process of getting your first book published?
The first story I had published was a science fiction romance short, in an anthology called Blue Moon Magic by Highland Press, under the pen name Keelia Greer.

What book have you most recently released?
Wicked Temptations is the most recent release under my company, Daughters of Avalon Publishing.

What was your favorite part of the book?
Laria enthusiastically jumps on Cameron while he's sitting in a chair in her dining room. She discovers this isn't a one sided attraction.

I liked that part too!

Rate your story on a Heat level of 1-6?
A four but this is only a guess. Each person has their own opinion about what they consider hot.

Do you have another book in the works?
I have multiple stories of various lengths in progress. This helps my muse when it is stuck on one story. I switch, and when I go back, I can see the problem area and then fix it.

What advice would you give new authors?
Great question, Krystal! The writing community is smaller than you think. The editor you make mad today could be the agent you submit to later on. I also believe in good manners and professionalism goes hand-in-hand. This is a business. Consider how you wish others to view you and in the long term the reputation, you're building as an author.

Boxers or Briefs?
Since commando isn't listed as a choice, I'd have to say boxers.

*Giggle* I'll have to add that as a choice for my next interview.

(Character Questions)
What were your first impressions of each other?
Laria: "I had seen Cameron around town but it was only when he entered my shop, Wicked Temptations that I fell for him. His energy and aura called to me on such an intense level it stole my breath. My heart knew he was The One."

Cameron: "I'd make any excuse to walk by Wicked Temptations. I admired her from afar, just to look at her or a chance to hear her laughter. Knowing she made the best shortbread was a bonus. The dessert is my weakness. She's intelligent and snarky. The perfect woman for me."

What’s your favorite characteristic of each other?
Laria: "Cameron's heart, it's capacity for love and compassion astounds me."

Cameron: Shakes his head and laughs softly. "Laria, has so many qualities it's difficult to narrow it down. I'm not surprised my lovely has chosen the same as I. Having her heart is my greatest treasure.

Tambra, what are your plans for the near future? 
To continue to write books readers will love.  I strive to create unforgettable characters whose stories touch reader's hearts.

My heartfelt thanks to Krystal for honoring me with this interview.
*Blushing* You are too sweet.  I look forward to a great friendship and thank you so much for coming today!  Tambra has promised a copy of her delightful Wicked Temptations to one commenter of her choice.  Please be sure to let us know you stopped by with a comment.  We can't wait to hear from you.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Teaser!

I totally spaced this morning!  But here is my teaser for this week.  It is from my historical "Tonia" that is nearly finished, Whoop Whoop!  I hope you enjoy it.  Be sure to check out my fantastic critique partner's teaser too, April London.  She has werewolves visiting the week!

      Pushing the side door open, Tonia rushed out into the beautifully manicured gardens that stretched out over several acres behind the McKinnon manor.  It was chilly and a light mist was falling.  She glanced around quickly, her eyes settled on a small gazebo in the distance.  The wet sand of the pathway squished around her feet and her dress felt like she was dragging a sack of potatoes behind her, water soaked up from the hem.
     She shivered as she ducked into the small gazebo and sank to the wooden floor, dripping and cold.  He had betrayed her trust.  She had asked him not to mention her past to his family and he had practically thrown it in his father’s face. 
A liar.  A charlatan.  That’s what Byron’s father and grandfather thought of her.  They thought she was somebody Byron shouldn’t have married.  Why, because she was guilty of not knowing her true name?  What if he convinced Byron that he had made a mistake?  That she was a mistake.  Maybe she should never have come... Byron perhaps would have been better off without her problems.
Sobs shook her body.  Her tears poured down her cheeks and the rain began to pound, as if matching her misery with its own outbursts.  The wind became stronger and whipped the rain into sheets that blew straight through the gazebo.  The light drizzle had quickly become a frightening storm.  Within a few seconds she was soaked to the bone.  Thunder echoed through the sky and Tonia realized she couldn’t hear her own sobs anymore over the sound of her teeth chattering together.
She crawled to the entrance of the gazebo.
“Byron.” Her voice came out as a hoarse whisper.  It was too cold.  She crawled back behind the gazebo furniture, taking refuge from as much of the rain as possible.  
Stupid girl, no one even knows where you are.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tuesday Teaser

I know St. Patrick's Day was this past weekend, but I felt like a bit of magic and lore was needed for this teaser.  I hope you enjoy a bit from a world of fantasy WIP I like to call "Maiden of the Veil".  Be sure to check out my fantastic critique partner's teaser April London as well as Jennifer's awesome blog.

            “I want to send another regiment into the Veil.  One of them has to be able to get through.”
            “My, King, it is impossible.  It is protected by the oldest magic.  The last regiments you sent all died and so will those you send this time.  We just do not have the ability to pass through the Veil.”
            “Why can’t you just learn it again?”  Zatar roared and slammed his fist down on the table.  “We have conquered most of the known world and yet we can not touch the land of Marea that sits within a stone’s throw of my greatest city.”
            “Yes, my King,” Teric tried to placate his king with a soft response, “We are trying to locate those that still know the magic, but most would die before helping us destroy Marea.  It is a sanctuary to people of many lands, not to mention the power of our own legends.”
            “She’s just a story, nothing more.  I should tear down the stupid shines that litter my cities for her honor.”
            “She’s more than a story, my King.”
            “Why,” said Zatar, “have you seen her, Teric?” 
            “Yes, I did once.  When I was a young boy my father told me stories of the Maiden and I used to spend my free time wandering up and down the Veil hoping to catch a glimpse of her.  One day I finally did.  I had been playing down by Blue Creek, which runs into the Veil, and I stumbled on a rock and broke my leg.  It was a horrible break; the bones were sticking through the skin, blood everywhere.  I screamed as loud as I could, trying to get it to carry back to the town, but I knew in the back of my mind it wouldn’t.  I lay down on the ground, thinking I was going to die.  Suddenly the most beautiful woman I have seen, even to this day, appeared above my head.  I could feel her fingers brushing up and down my leg and I remember her saying two words.”
            “What?”  The king had settled into his chair and was listening intently, though still not believing what his counselor was saying.
            “Kellima amillek.”
            “What does that mean?”
            “The only translation I could ever find was in some old scrolls in a temple of Luminos in Deseth Valley.  A very old priest there helped me find it.  It means something like ‘what is broken let it be fixed.’  Nothing is very clear when it comes to Marean culture, much less their language.  The scrolls were from an interview done about fifty or sixty years ago with a Marean prisoner.  All I know is that same phrase spoken to me was heard by many of the soldiers that were healed in the Great War nearly fifty years ago and that my description of the woman is the same as theirs.”
            “What, she didn’t age in fifty years?” Zatar scoffed.
            “No, she didn’t.  The scrolls in the temple also told of several prominent Marean rulers.  The dates for each ruler appeared to stretch over centuries of time.”
            “No one man could live more than a century?”
            “Longer than that, some of the documents spoke of reigns over a time expanse of four or five hundred years or more.”
            “So you are telling me that the so-called Maiden of the Veil that helped my father’s men fifty years ago is the same one that helped you?”
            “Yes, I believe so.”

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Teaser!

Good Morning!  So glad you came to see me this morning.  I have a bit for you from a paranormal WIP called "HEAT".  Hope you enjoy.  Don't forget to visit my fantastic critique partner's teaser, April London, and Jennifer's teaser page as well.

“Yes, I’m sure.  Start it.”  He answered and held up is hand.  Coby took a butterfly syringe and found a vein in Scott’s arm quickly.
“Sit,” Coby ordered Scott into the chair across the room.  “I don’t need you passing out.”  Scott shot him an ugly glare and Coby just grinned.  Scott watched Coby cut the clothes off of his mate and felt an unnatural urge to pound on the young werewolf for touching her at all.  Crap, he didn’t even know what the girl’s name was.  Coby looked back over his shoulder.  “Easy big guy, I’m just cleaning her wounds.  She’s burning up too.  I need to go downstairs and make some ice packs.  You have any plastic baggies?”
“Sorry Coby, I don’t know what came over me.  Yeah, drawer by the fridge.”
“Cool be back in five,” he said, checking Scott’s blood bag before he took off down the stairs.
Scott gazed at the woman on his bed.  He couldn’t help but at admire her pert breasts, held up nicely with a hot pink sports bra.  Coby had cleaned the large wound that ran from just below her bra to the edge of her left hip.  It had stopped bleeding, but it was an angry red and very inflamed.  Smaller cuts and scrapes littered her golden brown skin.  He flexed his arm and a sharp pain reminded him of the needle that was there.
He heard Coby coming back up the stairs.  His eyes widened at the bags of ice he had managed to carry in one trip.  “You started the bonding process didn’t you?”  Scott nodded.  “I figured that’s why she felt so hot.  What I can’t figure out is why she hasn’t shifted yet.”
“The necklace,” Scott answered, directing Coby’s gaze to her neck.
“Whoa!” Coby exclaimed as he pulled the necklace over her head.  “Second Council!  Shit, man!  Burton is going to have a field day when he hears about this.”
“She’s my mate, Coby.  Do you know what it’s been like these past years, thinking I would never have a chance at a mate, because the council deemed me a coward!” 
Coby laid the necklace on the end table and then walked over to get the full blood bag unhooked from Scott.  He walked back over to the bed and sat down.
“Here we go, sweet girl.” He squeezed Mya’s hand after connecting her IV to Scott’s blood.
“Is it going to help?” Coby turned suddenly; he hadn’t even heard that sneaky bastard stand up.
“Man, you gotta quit doing that.” Coby nodded his head.  “It should.  As long as she accepts your blood,” he answered softly, worry creeping into his voice.  He carefully packed the plastic bags of ice around her body and underneath her legs.
“Thank you Coby.”
“I’ll be downstairs if you need me.” The young man stood up and walked quietly out of the room.  Scott pulled the armchair up next to the bed and sat down.  He picked up her shorts from the floor and dug through the pockets.  He felt a small square piece of leather and pulled it out.  It was her ID.  Mya Silver.  Holy crap!  He was bonding with Miriam Silver’s daughter.  He heard Coby’s voice in his head telling him, “I told you, you were in deep shit, man.”  He growled and closed his mind to the younger Were.  He appreciated his medical expertise, but he wasn’t about to get scolded by a kid.   

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Teaser!

Here's another peek at Erick and Dei.  Enjoy.  Be sure and check out my fabulous critique partner April London's teaser.  Also check out Jennifer's blog too for lots more teasers.

They were seated at the head of a long banquet table that his men had quickly assembled in the center of the village.  They had spread out food and wine for the whole village.  Dei accepted the goblet of wine that Erick offered her quickly and downed it immediately.  She felt her senses dull some and the noise and music from the crowd soften as well.  Dei managed to get the goblet refilled twice more before Erick caught on and took it from her.
“I would prefer you conscious my Lady.”  He smiled down at her; even seated he was more than a head taller than her.  She felt like a small child seated beside him, though she herself stood almost six feet in height.
“I would prefer not to be!” Dei snapped quickly and reached for another goblet of wine.  His hand caught her wrist roughly and pressed her hand against the table.
“I don’t care what you prefer.  You are my wife and this is our wedding feast.  You will honor your people and mine by staying and celebrating.  Things are changing Lady; you must accept and change with them.”  He waved his hand down the table and out across the beach.  Dei stared in awe, seeing her people and the families that had come with his war party eating and drinking.  All the children were playing together; even Maggie was playing with a small red headed girl about her size. 
“These will be my lands; it is only a matter of time Deianira.  Your father does not have enough men to hold the castle if we were to siege it.  No one will come to his aid, as Rollo and others are keeping all your neighbors busy.  Do you really think he would risk fighting me when he learns I wed his only daughter?”
“Yes, he will risk it,” she answered solemnly, meeting his glance.  He saw a strange sense of despair in her eyes.
“You speak as if he dislikes you.” 
“He hates me.”
He looked back from the beach to Deianira, startled by the fresh look of pain in her face and the new tears running down her cheeks.