Sunday, September 4, 2011

Productive Weekend

So this weekend is progressing well.  I have been writing on "Tonia" with renewed vigor and editing a friend's MS at the same time.  It feels so good to be making progress.  It's not as fast as I would like, but I will not complain about words getting on the screen.  Here's a few sentences from "Tonia" to whet your appetite.

“That will teach him to come barging in,” Byron growled.  Tonia cuffed him lightly on the arm.
     “Be nice, you are laying on top of me on the floor of your study.  I’m not sure he will ever look at this rug the same way again.  That poor boy.” 
     Byron rolled off of her to the side, bellowing with laughter.  She smiled; glad to have distracted him at least momentarily.  The sound of his laughter relaxed her and she stared contentedly at the oak beams running the length of the ceiling.  What was she going to do for two weeks without him?

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