Saturday, October 27, 2012

Aphrodite from OPEN HOUSE swings by for a visit!

Aphrodite walks into the interview room. She twirls a finger through her long curly auburn tresses. Twinkling ice blue eyes and a friendly smile meet the gaze of Krystal Shannan.

Copper beads dangle from her ears and wide bands of engraved copper clink on her wrists. White denim leggings, brown leather high-heeled stiletto boots, and a sparkling champagne colored tunic finish off the Vogue worthy ensemble. 

Aphrodite: Thank you for having me over today, Krystal. 

K. Shannan: I super excited you came by. I poured a glass of your favorite.

Aphrodite: Mmmmm. Thank you.

She sits down on the chair facing Krystal.

K. Shannan: Could you tell us a little about the book?

Aphrodite: It’s about a young couple, Rebecca and Robert, who missed their first chance at bonding. They are soul mates and it takes some intervention on my part to get them where they are supposed to be. I don’t usually like to interfere on the mortal realm, but Ares left me no choice. 

K. Shannan: Tell us a little about Ares. I know you and he have a history.

Ares, the God of War, is a complicated situation. We had a relationship and then he ruined it and now…. I don’t know…. I think he is trying to piece it back together. He’s certainly making a valiant effort, but we’ll just see. I’d rather not get into details at this time.

K. Shannan: Do you want to share a little about soul mates?

Aphrodite: Of course. You know your soul is immortal, right? Well, now you do. Most humans refuse to believe such nonsense, no scientific proof and all. Well, they are wrong. Your souls live lifetime after lifetime, always looking for their mate. Once two souls have joined as mates, they are together for the rest of eternity. When one dies, it will wait until it’s mate dies and then they will reincarnate together in the same decade so they can be together again. Joined souls are drawn to each other like magnets, once joined it would take an act of a god to separate them. Believe me, that is not a pleasant experience.

K. Shannan: I'll take your word for it.

Aphrodite: Souls that are looking for their mate, but haven’t found them yet, are also drawn to each other, but the pull is not nearly as strong. That is where I come in. I assist with that little extra push to make sure the soul mating is complete. Of course that assistance only happens when I have physically meet the person the soul resides in. I must touch the soul to be able to track it. Needless to say, you might meet me at a local wine festival and not even know it. *wink* I love wine festivals. Dionysus and I have a long-standing partnership.

K. Shannan: Why are the souls so important to you?

Aphrodite: I’m connected to them and them to me. When souls ache, I ache. When souls are joined I am refreshed. It is a symbiotic relationship. One cannot exist without the other. 
Mother Gaia gave me a gift no other Titan received. I am linked to humanity in a way that can never be broken and the other gods have never been pleased by that fact. It keeps me stronger than any of them. All the other Titans were banished or killed, but they cannot get rid of me without getting rid of the human race. And that would just be stupid. The Olympians are not stupid. Petty and vindictive, yes, stupid…. No. 

K. Shannan: Several people have asked why you say you are a Titan. Most people think of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, as an Olympian.

Aphrodite: There is an Olympian named Aphrodite, but she is not the Goddess of Love. Zeus named his daughter after me to irritate me. *hiss* Which it did. That sniveling little cheerleader called a goddess deals in physical lusts and instant attractions. Superficial passions, I suppose you could call it. She has nothing to do with actual love and true human passion.

K. Shannan: What do you like to do when you aren’t helping souls?

Aphrodite: *Huge grin* I love fashion. I subscribe to every human fashion magazine I can find. Dionysus teases me, but I love clothes. We may be gods, but we can definitely appreciate many human conveniences –coffee, clothing, chocolate. I just joined social media, too. I was tired of being told I needed to join the twenty-first century. You can visit me at my FaceBook fan page, Aphrodite – Pool of Souls Series, for all kinds of updates and musings. 

K. Shannan: Thanks again for coming by today. It's been so nice chatting with you today. Readers, Aphrodite has graciously offered to answer questions. So please ask away.

In the meantime we have a little excerpt to share with you......

Intrinsically woven into the fabric of human existence, Aphrodite, Titan Goddess of Love and Passion, dedicates herself to matching soul mates. 

Rebecca Carol and Robert Corvin missed their original chance to bond when Ares, God of War, took control of Robert's career ten years ago. Their souls have naturally pulled them back together for a second chance at love, but... How far will the gods go to get their own way? 

Will divine influence create another perfect match or will it tear them apart forever?

A deep male voice boomed through her garden, breaking her concentration. “Aphrodite!” The images of Robert and Rebecca swirled and were lost as the pool’s surface went clear. She turned to face the irate male.
“Ditee! Why can’t you just leave well enough alone?”
Aphrodite leaned against the cool rock and gave him a lazy smile. She’d expected Ares to complain. Robert Corvin played a key role in research and weapon development for the United States. No human got into his position without a little shove from the god of war.
“I will do exactly as I wish, especially when it comes to souls who have searched as long as these two have.”
“He’s mine, Ditee. I’ve finally got him where he will be of most use, and now I hear he has moved. Because of a girl! I knew it was your fault. Hands off.” His eyes flashed red, and a deep growl rumbled from his chest.
Aphrodite rose to face him. Her power rose and flamed within her, causing her skin to glow white. Ares took a step back. “You will not speak to me so rudely,” she said, her voice taking on its godly attributes, booming across the garden like a sonic wave. Ares stumbled a little from the force. “I am your superior. These souls deserve to be together, and you will not interfere.”
“The hell I won’t.”

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    1. Hi Jan,
      Interesting question. I think if the opportunity would arise to speak to her about real love, I would. Right now, she doesn't really have anything to do with me, but time can do miraculous things. Ares and I are proof of that... but I digress, that's a story for another time. *wink* ~ Aphrodite

  4. Great post. I like the concept of this book, it sounds like an enjoyable read.

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