Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's the small things that make life worthwhile

      Today when I got home from picking up my daughter from her babysitter, she proceeded to get her bouncy ball and chase it around the living room kicking it.  I'd never seen her kick a ball before.  It was so much fun to watch her discover the joy of doing something new.  My little Snickerdoodle is 21 months old and growing up so fast.  She signed "more" for the first time today too.  It was a big day in the Shannan house and I just had to share with you my "proud mommy" moment.
      Snickerdoodle is mine and my husbands' first child.  She was a miracle baby, arriving after two long years of trying to get pregnant.  I know we probably spoil her, but how could you not give the child you've wanted for so long everything possible.
      Small things in life.  Kicking a ball.  Signing a word.  Giving a hug.
      I have had a hard time working since becoming a mom.  I want to stay home with Snickerdoodle and be a full time mom and a writer.  Money is an obstacle for that dream right now and so I am still teaching.  I have always loved teaching, but I realized I had developed a bit of a grudge against my job and it was stealing my joy.
      Since school has been back in session I have made it a priority to look at my students with new eyes.  I tell myself every day that they are all babies who need to be loved and not to treat them like mini-adults. I have amazed myself with the change in their behavior in class and even my own behavior.  We are all having such a good time in music class now that I am usually running late to get them back to homeroom instead of standing in the hall ready and waiting several minutes before its time to go.
      I have found my joy again and so have my students.  It was such a small thing that I did -change my own thought process.  I didn't change the kids, I changed myself.

~Krystal Shannan

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