Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Teasers!

Be sure and check out my critique partner, April London, and her Tuesday Teaser too!  It is hot!  Also check out Jennifer's page for even more great teasers!

Here's mine for the week, sorry its up late.  It's from my WIP "Tonia".

She shivered as she ducked into the small gazebo and sank to the wooden floor, dripping and cold.  He had betrayed her trust.  She had asked him not to mention her past to his family and he had practically thrown it in his father’s face. 
A liar.  A charlatan.  That’s what Byron’s father and grandfather thought of her.  They thought she was somebody Byron shouldn’t have married.  Why, because she didn’t know her own name?  That was all she was guilty of.  What if he convinced Byron that he had made a mistake?  That she was a mistake.  Maybe she should never have come... Byron perhaps would have been better off without her problems.
Sobs shook her body.  Her tears poured down her cheeks and the rain began to pound, as if matching her misery with its own outbursts.  The wind became stronger and whipped the rain into sheets that blew straight through the gazebo.  The light drizzle had quickly become a frightening storm.  Within a few seconds she was soaked to the bone.  Thunder echoed through the sky and Tonia realized she couldn’t hear her own sobs anymore over the sound of her teeth chattering together.
She crawled to the entrance of the gazebo.
“Byron.” Her voice came out as a hoarse whisper.  Too cold.  She crawled back behind the gazebo furniture, taking refuge from as much of the rain as possible.  Stupid girl, no one even knows where you are.

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