Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Night Teaser

Sorry this is so late.  My day started with the alarm clock being dead (so I woke up late).  My daughter had thrown all of her clothes around her room and her chest of drawers was completely empty (had to find something to put her in to drop her at the sitter's).  In the kitchen I found no eggs to cook breakfast and once we were both loaded into the car I realized it needed gas.................. Lord have mercy.  It has been a long day.

Here's my teaser.  Please enjoy and check out my partner in crime April London's teaser as well.

She inhaled the smell of musty paper and nearly lost what little breakfast she had eaten.  Her hand flew to her mouth and she took a few shallow breaths to try and calm her stomach.  She felt Lorina’s hand on her back immediately.
“I’m fine, just give me a moment.”
“Tonia you need to sit down right now.  We will look for whatever you want, just tell us.”  Tonia looked up at Lorina and then at Ian.  He was really confused and his brow was narrowed with worry.
“We shouldn’t be out with you.  It is too soon.  I’ll tell Byron we need to go back.”
“No!” Lorina and Tonia spoke at the same time.  He glared at both of them and the folded his arms across his broad chest.
“Tell me what is going on.  Now.”
“I need to find a book of nursery rhymes.”  Tonia spoke slowly, holding Ian’s gaze.  “It’s the perfect gift.”
     “Nursery rhy... Oh my God.  You aren’t...  You are...”  She 

smiled as realization dawned on Ian and he became this big ball 

of enthusiastic energy.

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  1. LOVE IT! :-)
    Hope the rest of your day was more relaxing!!!