Sunday, November 25, 2012

Krystal Shannan - WIP - Pride Rules #30 #SixSunday

Here's the next tidbit from Darren and Eshe!

A deep rumble came from his throat, very akin to a lion’s roar. Eshe’s eyes widened. Her body tensed and she inched up the bed away from his looming presence. Wait. Was she really going to have sex with this guy? A man she’d never met? 

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  1. Now there's a twist! (I assume she just met him in this scene?) I love how he's following through from last week. *still fanning self*

  2. Yep! He showed up at her door and look what's happening.....LOL

  3. Hot. Yes, Eshe, you are going to have sex with him and readers are gonna love it!