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Krystal Shannan Features - The Couple by Harlie Williams @marika67 #romance #cblspromos


Tell us a little about yourself. 
I’m a married woman with a fabulous husband and we have a 2nd grade son.  I’m a stay at home mom, too.  I live in East Texas now but was born in Oklahoma and raised in Dallas, Texas.

Did you always want to be an author? What made you choose to write romance?
What is your favorite part of being a writer/author?  
Since I’ve only written one book, I actually enjoyed the editing process.  I wasn’t as bad as I thought, so going into edits was fun.  It wasn’t ripped to shreds.  

Tell us a little about your book. What inspired you to write it?  
My inspiration actually came from the television show Modern Family, specially Phil and Claire.  The characters however were based on my cousin and her husband.

A woman has one thing on her mind tonight…sex. Dirty, sweaty, kinky sex with a cowboy. With her man gone more than he is at home, she needs the release.

After being away for two weeks, a cowboy goes looking for someone to play with for the night. Being away is part of the job but not having someone to come home to is hurting his soul. Feeling disconnected in his love life, the red head will be perfect.

Once they meet, can one night of pure passion led to more than just a one night stand for either of them? Communication is the key to every relationship. Can these two find a way to connect emotionally or are they destined for heartache.

Warning: This title is intended for readers over the age of 18 as it contains adult sexual situations (including BDSM/light bondage) and adult language and may be considered offense to some readers.

“What’s a girl like you doing at a bar like this?” he asked.

Her voice was a purr, like a cat well satisfied with its stolen pitcher of cream. “I’m looking for someone special.”

Hoping that she meant him he asked, “Did you find him yet?”

“Maybe.” The glint in her eye told him he was definitely in the running.  However, I’m not looking to hook up with just any old cowboy.  He must be able to go the full eight seconds and come back for more.”  She eyed him from head to toe.  “Think you can handle that?”

Oh, I can most definitely handle you sweetheart.

Not wanting to seem too eager he replied, “I’m not sure but I’m willing to try.”

“Do or do not.  There is no try.”  He struggled not to let his grin escape.  The fact that she was trying to seduce him made his dick twitch.

“Let’s just say I’m looking to burn off some pent up frustration. A little excess energy.  And I’ve got plenty to burn.”

The way she shivered at his words, he knew he almost had her.  He winked as she licked her crimson lips and blew out a small breath.  Damn what this woman is doing to him

He pushed her knees apart with his left leg and was rewarded with the amazing scent of her arousal.  The knowledge she was wet for him had him close to going off in his jeans. 

Houston, we have lift-off!

“Why don’t you have a seat cowboy and we’ll talk about it.”

She gasped when he shocked her with a brush of his lips against hers; fighting with everything he had not to deepen the kiss. 

Patience, patience.

He would play her game for the moment but sooner or later, she would be his.  Tied up and begging for more. 

He asked her, “Now about that eight second ride?”

Do you plot and outline or do you just write?  Plotter or Pantser?  
What is the plot and outline that you speak of?  I know NOTHING about plotting and outlining.  LOL!  Actually I wrote this story in about two weeks.  

Can you tell us about the process of getting your first book published?  
The Couple was rejected for an anthology back in October 2011.  I cried and put it away for a couple of months.  My husband dared me to submit it again and so I polished it up, had it critiqued to death and then I pitched it to Muse It Up.  Lea, the publisher loved it and offered me a contract a week later.  The whole process from rejection to contract was almost a year to the day.

Do you have another book in the works?  
Actually I have two in the works.  One is a contemporary set in small town Oklahoma and a romantic suspense with a paranormal thread woven in that is set in Chicago.

Where do you dream of going on vacation?  Ireland, New Zealand and Hawaii
Boxers or Briefs?  Boxer Briefs
Cookies or cake?  Cookies
Pizza or hamburger?   Depends on where I am.  
Beer, Wine, or mixed drink?  Beer or a rum and Coke.  Not a big wine drinker.

(Hero/Heroine Character Questions)
What were your first impressions of each other?  Hero---damn she filled out that barstool quite nicely.  Heroine---All I could think of was how his jeans would look around his ankles.  *giggles*

The Couple
by Harlie Williams
Contemporary Romance
Published by MuseitUp Publishing
Release Date: December 28, 2012
Heat Level: Steamy
Word Count: 3,200

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Grand Prize of a $25 GC; secondary prize of 3 eBook copies of "The Couple" (1 each to 3 winners). Contest is tour-wide, open internationally and ends Mar 6. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.

About the Author
I’m just a city girl living in a small East Texas town. As a child, I devoured books but writing a book was never in the equation. Teaching literature to high school students was my goal. After being in a corporate cube for over 25 years, I’m a stay at home mom. I started writing as a dare and here I am. I’m married to my own hero and a mother to an awesome son. He has no idea that his momma wrote a book. He just knows that momma spends a lot of time on the computer.

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