Friday, February 15, 2013

Krystal Shannan Interviews Cover Model Jason Aaron Baca

Would you like to know a little about the sexy model on my new release CHASING SAM?

Let me introduce, Jason Aaron Baca!
Just look at those abs!!!

1) Tell us a little about yourself.
Jason- Well I'm a romance novel model & fitness routine model living in Northern California.
2) What made you want to start modeling for book covers?
Jason- I was nearly through with my fashion modeling career when I walked into a bookstore and noticed a large section of fantasy books all with these guys that were around my age and build.. I knew right then and there that I'd found what it is I wanted to do.. It gave me new motivation to modeling.
3) How many book covers are you on?
Jason - After yours comes out - 120 with about 3 more coming soon.

Mine is awesome! Check it out! Mmmm. Isn't he just yummy?

4) Have you ever been to a romance reader/writer convention?
Jason - No I haven't yet, but I've been invited to several. I did walk by one once where a large group of the writers were in a big discussion. I felt like making a peek inside but I'm shy..

Don't be shy! You are denying your fans time to drool over the fabulousness that is you :-)
5) Do people ever recognize you from your covers?
Jason - It depends on where I'm at..  I get a lot of strange looks now a days with people giving me 2nd glances. I've had people come up to me at the gym and be like "Hey Jason, how's the modeling going?" People I don't even know which spooks me out a bit sometimes. I feel bad because I don't know them.
6) What do you like to do for fun? Do you have any hobbies?
Jason - FUN? I'm always so busy, I almost had to reread the sentence...  But yes, I do have fun hobbies like gardening or hiking or biking. I like anything outdoors and active. I love the gym and making my muscles grow. I am the kind of person that when I have a goal I become passionate about it. I put all my energy, all my thoughts, all my frustrations into that one thing. So right now, its the romance novels that I'm focused on. What can a person do to become the absolute best at it? What can he be doing right now to better himself
for the next shoot? It became my ultimate hobby, my enjoyment.
7) Chocolate or Vanilla?
Vanilla... But with Hot Fudge and the whipped cream and cherry on top.. Maybe some of those sprinkle things too.
8) Hamburger or Pizza?
Jason - Double cheeseburger, large fries, shake
9) Tropical Beach or Snowy Resort?
Jason - Tropical Beach sipping pina colada
10) If an author wanted to contact you or find stock photos to purchase, where would they go? 
Jason - All they'd need to do is visit and see my journal section for instructions after finding a photo in my gallery they want to purchase.

It's that easy! He has a fabulous gallery full of drool-worthy photos! Go now! And browse!

OH!!! But be sure and leave a comment and your email addy. Jason will pick one lucky commenter to receive an autographed photo!!!! SQUEAL!!!

Thank you, Jason, for being my guest today!


  1. I've seen his board on Pinterest... MFRW authors can pin cover photos of him there.

  2. Thanks for giving us a new selection of novel covers from which to choose. Jason, you really should go to Romantic Times in Kansas City in May.

  3. When a man says "and some of those sprinkles things..." you know he's the full package. Congrats to whoever lands J.A.B. I love learning about the story behind the scenes. This one rocks Krystal.

  4. Yummy! Adore the pictures where Jason is holding a sword. Looks very lethal. :)
    Paloma thanks for sharing the Pinterest link.
    Krystal, nice interview.

  5. Thank y'all so much for stopping by. Jason is at a photo shoot today, but he will check in later ;-)

  6. Thanks for the giveaway! I'd love an autograph from him... wink, wink.

    mestith at gmail dot com

  7. Congratulations! Via Meghan, you are the winner in Jason's drawing!