Sunday, February 17, 2013

Krystal Shannan's #SneakPeekSunday - WIP - PRIDE RULES #42

Welcome back for another juicy snippet from Darren and Eshe's story, my WIP called PRIDE RULES.
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No one had ever looked at her before the way he was staring at her now.
The newfound freedom of being on top of his magnificent body was exhilarating. She leaned forward and ran her hands along his taunt muscles. He moaned when her fingertips grazed over his erect nipples. She smiled with satisfaction, to have such power over a man –a male lion at that. He gripped her hips and flexed upward, driving into her body. She gasped and threw back her head.
She leaned forward again and began to rock her hips against his, a slow steady rhythm to start.  Eshe watched him writhe beneath her and she started to rock harder.

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  1. Love the fingernails. Grazing skin always does wonders for the imagination. Hmm.

  2. Intense and HOT, always a good read when you write the words! Excellent excerpt!

  3. I love the power she feels from his reactions! Sexy snippet! :)

  4. Is it hot in here, or just me? Love the description of her actions and the power she feels.

  5. Powerful and sexy! (Love the new banner, btw.)