Tuesday, March 12, 2013

@KrystalShannan Features - Sapphire Kande

Cover Reveal

Just before her eighteenth birthday a witch curses Molly.  But could this sexual curse be beneficial? Molly isn’t too sure until she meets Tristan.  After being at the mercy of men who don’t care about her, who only use her to satisfy her curse and keep her alive, Molly is sold to Tristan who vows to protect her.  Molly's life is about to change yet again only this time Molly has hope that Tristan can save her. Will Tristan's protection be enough to save Molly from her curse or will it only lead to more harm?

Molly’s Curse is intended for readers over the age of eighteen as Molly and Tristan experiment sexually with bondage, blindfolds, and even a little fun in the outdoors

Author Sapphire Kande

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