Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday Night Teaser

So I kinda forgot to post this morning.... Oooops!  But here it is.  I'm being kinda mean today.  It's really short, but it's really good.  It's from a rough WIP called Bride Price.  I hope you enjoy Erick and Dei's little scene.  Be sure to hop over to April and Jennifer's blogs too for more great teasers!

            Abruptly, he dropped the dress and cloak to the floor and stepped toward Deianira.  He locked eyes with hers and was surprised to see silent expectation.  His body ached to touch her, even if he had to settle for only a kiss.
            A shiver went through her body as his hands came to rest softly on her shoulders.  He was breathing heavily and his shoulders moved with each forced breath.  “I didn’t want to love you,” she looked into his eyes, “I didn’t want to love anyone.”
            “Do you love me?” he asked with a heavy rasp in his voice.
            “I’m starting to,” she whispered a reply.

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