Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Teaser

So glad you stopped over today to visit.  I have a scene with Tonia and the Duque Tomás from my WIP Misplaced Heiress.  Hope you enjoy.  Please leave a teaser of your own on the comment board.  Be sure to stop over and check out my critique partner April London's teaser.

Have a great Tuesday!

“My husband is here to take me home, Duque Tomas.” Tonia spoke slowly and precisely.  “We are leaving.  I will not be meeting my grandparents or marrying you.”
A growl emanated from deep within the large Duque.  He turned his gaze sharply to Lorina, but Tonia could see the pain reflected in his eyes.  He seemed to be searching for something, but couldn’t quite find it.
“No.”  He groaned, stood up, and began pacing in front of the large window.  “I understand now why you want to leave.  I didn’t fight my father on this venture, because I assumed you would be unattached to your husband due to the nature of the arrangement.”  He gestured to her stomach and Tonia blushed.  “You are obviously attached to this man, therefore my stance on the matter is completely opposite what it was originally.  The problem is that my father won’t allow it.”
“He can’t force you to take me.  I would never truly be your wife.”
“You do not know my father.”
Tonia shuddered and sank back into the chaise lounge.  A cloud of defeat was settling over her.  Tears pooled in her blue eyes and poured down her olive toned cheeks.  There was no way out.  Tomas had said without saying that his father would find a way to force the issue.  He had most likely tried to kill Byron once.  What was to stop him from trying again... and succeeding?
She glanced up at Tomas and saw compassion.  He nodded, intuitively knowing the conclusion her mind had foreseen.


  1. Well Tonia's not having a good day. Great excerpt.

    Here's a teaser from my new WIP - untitled as of the moment.

    All gazes fixed on the crimson glow of the embers. The light too feeble to ward off the soul-freezing sounds which drifted out of the woods, weary travelers sat around a campfire with heads bowed and huddled deeper into their cloaks. Strangers to each other, but linked at this moment by the need for companionship and the illusion of protection.
    The evening grew dark as clouds blanketed the sky erasing the stars and dulling the moonlight. A breeze rustled the leaves of the bushes. Or was it a breeze? Heads lifted and gazes searched into the darkness for danger. One of the horses tied to the trees reared its head, whinnied and stomped a hoof. The wayfarers pushed their hoods off their heads and peered past the startled beast trying to locate what disturbed the animal. Two of them reached for their swords.
    A log dropped deeper into the fire and raised a shower of sparks. As the blaze settled, the travelers changed their focus back from the world outside the campfire to the one inside their thoughts. Silence fell once more on the huddled group. One pilgrim raised his hands toward the heat, cleared his throat and lifted his voice. "The Legend speaks – in whispers – of a black dragon who flies in the dark of the moon. The glow of his eyes will melt a man's soul and turn him against all that is good. The heat of his breath will inflame a woman's loins, which can never be quelled. The lick of his fire kills you alive, never again to taste, touch or love or be loved. But, they say, there is a strong and handsome prince. One with a broad, steel sword who will seduce it."

    1. Thanks so much for sharing! Love your teaser. I'm and so dying to know what happens next!

  2. Great teasers. Here's mine from Taming Raven from my other pen name Kitty DuCane.

    “’Bout time you got up. Did you have a pleasant nap?”
    “My nap was great.” Not really, I feel like shit.
    Raven eyed the man standing at the window washing dishes. How the hell did he know she was here? His back was facing her. It was still light outside, so she knew he hadn’t caught her reflection in the glass. Hell, in her line of business, you picked up on the little things like how to use the reflections to see if anybody was stalking you. Sometimes that made a difference between your next breath—or not. Her life had turned to shit, and now she couldn’t even sneak up on a cowboy doing dishes.
    And what a big dishwasher he was, linebacker size with black hair a little too long and curling over his collar. She sized him up like she did all strange men and tried to figure out how to take down all that muscle if needed. Raven realized that she couldn’t fight fair and beat this man. Damn it. Oh well, she wasn’t above playing dirty.
    She rubbed her neck trying to get the kink out; she’d traveled across the US in a car, and still felt every blasted pothole the whole length of her spine. But sleeping in a strange bed in a strange place didn’t make it easy.
    Raven wondered why she even had an apartment since the last time she’d been there had been, oh three years ago, and she probably couldn’t sleep there either. And sleeping while you were undercover was non-existent. Everybody was your enemy, and they’d slit your throat in a skinny heartbeat.
    “I don’t suppose you can cook?” he asked.
    “No, ‘fraid not.” The cowboy still hadn’t turned to face her. That irritated the hell out of her and made her hands itch to grab her knife. And he wanted her to cook? That insulted her intelligence. The Soulless Seven didn’t cook.
    “Can you wash dishes?”
    Raven bit her lips in impatience. Was this a trick question? Was he belittling her? “I think I can manage that.” On a good day.
    “Great. Your job will be to wash the dishes, do the laundry—”

    1. Awesome! Loved it. Can I just say the last bit where he tells her she's gonna wash and do laundry just about made me fall out of my chair laughing. Can't wait to hear more about these two characters.

      Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great job!

    I'm dying to know how he plans to keep her from her hubs.

    Mine is from an unfinished ms called Rescued.

    Before Mick could speak, a man Andy didn’t recognize strode into the room. For a minute, she just stared. The stranger’s face looked like it could have been carved from one of the mountain peaks, with no forgiveness in the hard planes. His nose had been broken at least once, probably more. His lips . . . Oh God . . . that mouth. A naughty idea of what he could probably do with it made her shiver.
    When their eyes met, she could’ve sworn he could read her mind, although only a brief flicker of emotion showed in his hooded eyes. A hot flush crawled up her cheeks, but before she could drool and make a total fool out of herself, Mick cleared his throat.
    “Team, meet Major Patrick Coltraine.”
    “Just Coltraine. No Major attached anymore.” His voice sounded raspy, like he’d swallowed a truckload of desert sand. Major or not, he had the stiff, proud stance of a professional soldier.

    1. Intriguing.... I hope to see more of Coltraine in the following weeks!

  4. Krystal, your teaser was great--all of the teasers were awesome. I enjoyed having a coffee while reading.

    This teaser is from my debut novel Love's Prophecy.

    Mel's eyes locked with hers as he covered her hand with his, rubbing his thumb in a circular motion over her knuckles. His gaze dropped to her lips, and he swallowed hard. “Yeah. I'm a direct descendant from the twenty-sixth family.”

    Shock waves from the touch of his hand tingled up Breeana's arm and collected around her heart. Warmth spread through her. They were so close, she saw the darker gray flecks mixed in with the light silver of his irises and the shadows his long black lashes cast on his cheeks.

    Two inches separated them. All she had to do was lean in and their lips would touch.

    Seconds ticked by. Finally, he cleared his throat and looked away. He let go of her hand, then raked his fingers roughly through his hair.

    Breeana sighed and leaned back in the chair. She curled her feet up under her as disappointment and guilt washed through her. Guilt, because she wanted him and she knew she shouldn't. Sex would just make a crazy situation even crazier.

    1. I wanted that kiss.....

      Great teaser! Thanks for sharing. I'm so glad you enjoyed mine.

  5. Aww one day I'll have a teaser. :(

    Great excerpts, ladies! I always enjoy reading them :)

    1. You will sooner than you think :-) Thanks for stopping by. It means a lot.

  6. Thanks! I'm so glad you enjoyed them. Thanks for coming over, yay!