Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday Teaser

     Tuesday Teaser from WIP "Misplaced Heiress".  Everything is coming together for Tonia and I'm so excited as I near the end of her story.  
     I hope you enjoy Tonia's scene as much as I do.  Be sure to check out my fantastic critique partner, April London, for another great teaser.
    Post your teaser so I can read it as well!

     “It’s a bloody castle.”
     “Breath, honey.” Tonia felt Lorina grab her hands, but she couldn’t take her eyes off the sight ahead of them.
     “They’ll never get us back.  We are going to be trapped there!  I can’t do this.” Tonia lunged for the carriage door.
     “Stop the carriage!” Lorina screamed.  Tonia felt the carriage lurch to a sudden stop and she practically leaped from the step to the ground.  She heard yelling behind her, but she took off at a good pace down into a grove of orange trees.  Her steps weren’t too awkward.  She wasn’t that big yet, but Tonia definitely noticed the baby kept her a little off balance.
     She had barely gotten into the grove of orange trees before the sound of hoof beats echoed behind her.  It surprised her that only one person had followed.  It shouldn’t have.  Where did I think I was going to go?
     Charles? Wasn’t he tired of being her babysitter?
He rode the horse around in front of her and dismounted.  Tonia sunk down against the trunk of the closest tree.  She wrapped her arms around her pregnant belly and sobbed. 
“It isn’t fair, Charles.  How am I ever supposed to get home?  I just want to go home.”
Charles sat down next to her and pulled her into an embrace.  She flinched at the closeness of his touch, but he didn’t feel threatening and she allowed herself to be cradled against his warm chest.
“You will get home, Señora.”
English! He spoke English!
“But, you–“
“Shhh... Senor Roland does not know.  Your men are not stupid.  They will ask questions to find you and I have left a good trail for them to follow.”
“Why are you helping us... me?”  Tonia hiccuped through a sob and wiped the tears from her eyes.
“For the baby and I owe a friend a favor.”
“A friend?”
“Your cousin is a McKinnon, no?  And you are her family, no?”
“Yes,” Tonia answered slowly.
“I owe a favor to Roderick McKinnon.  Do you know him?”  Tonia nodded her head slowly.  “Enough said.” He stood with her and set her gently on her feet.  “You must dance this dance.  When the nobility grow tired of it they will let you go.  You are not the one they want anyway.”  Tonia’s heart skipped a beat.    
But she was.


  1. Niiice!!!! I can't wait for you to finish!!! Weeeee!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sounds interesting, Krystal.

  3. Sounds very interesting... but I am not a good writer.. rather read... :) this is a great teaser would love to read it.

    1. So glad you stopped by! Thank you so much. The book is almost finished. I'm so excited. It will be my first completed novel.

  4. Awww, that teaser is really a tease. It makes me ask more questions than it answers and I want to know more.


    1. LOL, I'm so glad to hear that. Thank you so much for stopping by to read. I'm so excited to share my work and get feedback. This book is nearly done, so hopefully those questions will be answered soon. Please keep in touch!

  5. Loved the snippet!!! Definitely would like to see where it goes. Here's my little snippet from my WW2 erotic historical We'll Meet Again with Noble Romance. Cassandra and James's first and what she 'thinks' will be their last kiss.

    He held her head still, bringing his other hand to the other side of her face and pressed his forehead against hers. "Cassandra," he sighed, sad and urgent.
    "Don’t," she pleaded. "Please, don’t."
    "Just a small gesture of farewell, darling?" he asked, pushing a lock of her hair behind her ear.
    A kiss wouldn’t have to mean anything in the grand scheme of things, Cassie tried to rationalize through her guilt. A goodbye. That’s all it would be, and she would never see him again. What did it matter really? A momentary taking of comfort for someone she had become close to.
    Much too close, but this would end it. Firmly and finally it would shut the door and she could turn to where her heart truly lay and where her destiny lay.
    Cassie gave the slightest nod, but realizing he couldn’t see her she whispered, "yes" against his face.
    His mouth claimed hers.
    His mouth was hot, and Cassie worried briefly that his fever had returned. The world seemed to slip off its axis and for a brief moment she was spinning in chaos. His tongue slipped past her teeth to find hers and she accepted him. He pulled her closer with a groan, sliding his fingers into hair, knocking the nurse’s cap off her head. Her fingers pressed into his shoulders.
    This was like nothing she had experience in her twenty years. This frightening, racing rush of emotion, this chaos, yet utter sense of rightness with the most wrong of persons. This . . . desire. She’d read about that word in romance novels and seen stories about it played out at the opera, but she’d never really understood what it meant. She thought it was that racing, giddy feeling when Phillip kissed her, but Dear Lord she had never been kissed like this.
    Which proved to her how very wrong this was.
    Cassie jerked away as if burnt. What in heaven’s name had she been thinking? She’d meant it as a goodbye. Very well then, that was the end of it. She lifted her trembling fingers to her mouth, which still tasted of him.
    "We should get you back inside. It’s getting chilly." She stood up, wishing there was a way to get him back to his bed without touching him. But he still couldn’t walk without support so she let him lean on her and let herself feel that word as her body was warmed by the length of his.
    "I think we’ll meet again, you and I," James whispered, lying down.
    God willing we never do, Cassie thought, pressing a final kiss to his forehead. Then she walked out.

    1. Oh, I like this! Good teaser! Thank you for sharing!