Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday Teaser

Ahhh.... I think werewolves today.   Here is a bit from my WIP codenamed HEAT.  *Giggle* It's because I think the hero, Scott, is sooooo smoking hot.  Be sure to check out my fantastic critique partner's teaser, April London, as well as Jennifer's blog too.

Also if you stop by today and have a teaser to share.  Please post it so I can enjoy.  Lot's of teasers are better than one!

“Sit,” Coby ordered Scott into the chair across the room.  “I don’t need you passing out.”  Scott shot him an ugly glare and Coby just grinned.  Scott watched Coby cut the clothes off of his mate and felt an unnatural urge to pound on the young werewolf for touching her at all.  Crap, he didn’t even know what the girl’s name was.  Coby looked back over his shoulder.  “Easy big guy, I’m just cleaning her wounds.  She’s burning up too.  I need to go downstairs and make some ice packs.  You have any plastic baggies?”
“Sorry Coby, I don’t know what came over me.  Yeah, drawer by the fridge.”
“Cool be back in five,” he said, checking Scott’s blood bag before he took off down the stairs.
Scott gazed at the woman on his bed.  He couldn’t help but at admire her pert breasts, held up nicely with a hot pink sports bra.  Coby had cleaned the large wound that ran from just below her bra to the edge of her left hip.  It had stopped bleeding, but it was an angry red and very inflamed.  Smaller cuts and scrapes littered her golden brown skin.  He flexed his arm and a sharp pain reminded him of the needle that was there.
He heard Coby coming back up the stairs.  His eyes widened at the bags of ice he had managed to carry in one trip.  “You started the bonding process didn’t you?”  Scott nodded.  “I figured that’s why she felt so hot.  What I can’t figure out is why she hasn’t shifted yet.”
“The necklace,” Scott answered, directing Coby’s gaze to her neck.
“Whoa!” Coby exclaimed as he pulled the necklace over her head.  “Second Council!  Shit, man!  Burton is going to have a field day when he hears about this.”


  1. Love it!!! Love the alpha in him and the protective urge! Great teaser and thanks so much for including me :) You're always so sweet!

    1. Thanks! And your welcome! I got the idea to do this teaser tuesdays from your blog. I can only dream that eventually I will have a group of friends as large as your that come together and share every week ;-))

  2. Mmmm... just the wake up I needed this afternoon!!!!