Thursday, August 16, 2012

Learning to Live - Marissa Dobson

Meg Harper is tired of living in a box created by her overprotective brothers because of her ability to see guardian angels...

Jay Wilder a lion shifter so wrapped up in the guilt of not being able to save his friend that he might lose everything…
Can Meg and Jay save each other or are they destined to live half a life?
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“Damnit, Meg. What’s going on? I can feel your pain. It’s slicing through me.” She could see the hurt in his eyes.
“I . . . umm . . . can’t explain.” A tear ran down her check. She didn’t know what to say to him.
“You can, and you will. Come on, Sugar. Tell me.” He wiped her tears away. “Nothing can be as bad as you think it is.”
“I’m a freak,” she whispered, her voice tight with tears.
“Why do you think that?”
Throwing caution to the wind, she blurted out, “Because I can see guardian angels. They want my help to lead people on the right road to happiness.”
She tried to pull away from him, wanting to leave, but he held her tight. “That doesn’t make you a freak. That makes you special.”

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