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Krystal Shannan Interviews - Laura Hawks - Demon's Kiss

Please help me welcome Laura Hawks to the blog today!

Tell us a little about yourself.
 A couple of years ago I received my master's degrees in Native American History, U.S. History, and Ancient Civilizations. I have always had a love of history, especially Egyptian, Native American, Ancient Rome and Greece. I originally planned on writing history books, but I also enjoy writing for a role playing group on Facebook and suddenly a light bulb went off in my head that said... I can do both. So that is the direction I wish to take at this time. I love to cook in my ôfree" time, and I consider myself a foodie. I enjoy traveling and meeting people, hearing their life stories, learning about their culture and just experiencing the world.

Did you always want to be an author? 
No, as a kid I wanted to be a teacher. Then I liked being able to share the stories of others throughout history.

What is your favorite part of being a writer/author? 
Being able to tell a story that interests people.

Tell us a little about your book. 
áDemon's Kiss is about a young woman, Clarissa, who finds herself guardian for a very powerful artifact. In trying to protect it, she meets up with a Demon Judge and Executioner named Azamel. She does not trust him, yet cannot help but fall for him. He realizes he needs to make sure the demon he is currently hunting, Xon, does not get the power the artifact provides by finding it first. Azamel knows that he needs to hook up with the Clarissa in order to help her keep the world safe.

When her family was murdered, Clarissa found her life altered. As the new guardian for a very powerful gem that could change the very fate of the Earth and its inhabitants should it be lost, she willingly accepted the responsibilities to keep it safe.
 A demon named Xon was after the abilities the gem would afford him should he get his hands on it.
Azamel protected the world from demon kind. A demon himself, he was appointed judge and if need be, executioner to protect the various races that roamed the Earth. Now he had to hunt Xon and prevent him from obtaining a stone that could give him the edge he would need to rule, but to do this Azamel would have to work with a young wolf who had a chip on her shoulder. Could he succeed in time to save both of them... before it was too late? Or would Clarissa's mistrust doom them all?

“How do you know so much about the stone? Only a small few know it is in more than one piece.” Her wet lashes caressed her cheeks as she blinked, her breath caught with his tenderness. Again she got lost in those baby blues.
Azamel mentally cursed himself for letting that slip. His mind scrambled as he tried to think of a suitable reply that would placate her and repair the fragile trust they had between them. Thinking that this was probably the stupidest thing he had ever done in his endlessly long life, he leaned forward and took her mouth in a hard kiss. The intention was to distract her from her train of thought. However, the moment their lips met, everything changed. Her soft sigh as he pressed his tongue against hers jolted his body and mind. Keeping his hands in her hair, he deepened the kiss feasting on her soft mouth with a hunger that burned through his entire being.

When did you start writing and when did you finish your first book?
Demon's Kiss is my first book being published. I started it in May 2012 and finished it in July of 2012

Where do you get your inspiration?
I just have things pop in my head. Something I see or hear will inspire a lot of what if this happened or that happened.. Sometimes its just a matter of hearing something that sounds like a good title and I think, what can I do with that....

Do you plot and outline or do you just write?  Plotter or Pantser?
A bit of both. I start being a Pantser, and then do a brief outline. Sometimes, I don't do the outline at all, and just write.

Can you tell us a little about the process of getting your first book published?
A whole lot of luck and a publisher who saw potential in my story.

What was your favorite part of the book?
When Azamel breaks down and admits he wants to make love to her.
Getting it published :D

Do you have another book in the works?
Yes. A Sequel to Demon's Kiss called Demon's Dream.

What advice would you give new authors?
Don't give up. Tell your story.

What have you learned about the business?
That there is a ton I don't know.

Pizza or hamburger?

Beer, Wine, or mixed drink?
Mixed drink...

If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I would love to go back to South Africa.

Would you write or read there, or do something else?
I would play with all the animals again, especially the baby white tigers and white lions and chimps.

(Character Questions)
What were your first impressions of each other?
(Clarissa) Mel is an arrogant Ass.
(Mel) You need to get rid of the fucking chip on your shoulder and let people help you.

What's your favorite characteristic of each other?
(Clarissa) His tenacity. Despite my constantly pushing him away, he refused to give up on me.
(Mel)  Her morals and loyalty to duty. She refuses to hurt another for her own gain yet, despite all the pain she has been through, she does what needs to be done, even at the expense of her own happiness.
What are your plans for the near future? 
(Clarissa) Spending time with the man I have fallen in love with.
(Mel) Making sure she stays alive, safe and with me. Smirks and winks.

About the Author:
I have always been interested in writing in some form or other. A few years back, I was involved with and then ran a Star Trek Interactive Writing Group which was successful for a number of years. Yes, I am a trekker and proud of it.
 Then a few years back, I got my Master's Degree in Ancient Civilizations, Native American History and United States History.
It was at this time I got involved in role playing on FaceBook, which gave me ample opportunities to grow and hone my writing ability.
A published friend encouraged me to write my own book, and the rest, as they say, is history.       

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