Monday, May 28, 2012

Finished novella Open House: Pool of Souls

So I can't be more excited.  I just finished my first novella and sent it to April for a good once over.  This novella is an exciting new beginning for me.  I've been writing for so long for just myself, this will be the first story I've put out there for other people to read.  Gosh!  It's so nerve racking.  I'm personally in love with it and I'm already plotting another Pool of Souls book.  I'm so completely in love with the characters.  I've always had this obsession with Greek gods and now I get to bring them to life.

Aphrodite has been ricocheting around in my brain for so long.  I hope she didn't steal the show from the two soul mates Rebecca and Robert, who are the real heroine and hero of the story.  She's already told me that there are a lot more wandering soul mates out there that need her help to find each other.

What I find very interesting is that while I was writing Rebecca and Robert's story, she alluded to a story of her own that needs to be shared.  Soooooooo, perhaps there will be a novel just for her in the near future.

Here's a little creation of so you can meet the main Cast of Characters for OPEN HOUSE.
This is not the cover, just a compilation of the photos I chose for inspiration.
Due to be released from Ruby Lioness Press October 19th 2012

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