Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday Teaser

Welcome back for Tuesday Teaser.  So glad you came by today.  Please be sure to leave your teaser on the comment board.  Remember its all about sharing!  I want to read yours if you read mine *wink*.

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This excerpt is from something new! This WIP is called "Open House".  Tell me what you think.

“Aphrodite!” A deep male voice boomed through her garden.  It broke her concentration and she lost Rebecca and Robert’s images.  The pool went clear and she turned to face her irate second cousin.  “Ditee!  Why can’t you just leave well enough alone?”
She leaned back against the cool rock and gave Ares a lazy smile.  Aphrodite had been expecting Ares to complain.  She knew Robert Corvin was a key player in research and weapon development for the United States.  No one got into his position without a little shove from Ares, god of war.
“Little cousin, I will do exactly as I wish, especially when it comes to souls who have been searching as long as these have.
“He’s mine, Ditee.  I’ve finally got him where he will be of most use and then I hear he has up and moved, because of a girl.  I knew it was your fault.  Hands off.” His eyes flashed red and his voice reached a deep growl.
            Aphrodite was standing face to face within a second.  Her eyes flashed a brilliant white.
            “You will not speak to me so rudely,” she said.  Her voice took on its godly attributes and nearly knocked Ares from his feet.  “I am your superior, little cousin.  These souls deserve to be together and you will not interfere.”
Aphrodite: Daughter of a Titan, Goddess of Love


  1. Totally love it! : )

    Here is a tibit of my own WIP "Styx and Stones: Alistair's Way

    Alistair eyes followed Saryl as she made her way through the throng of people bobbing and moving to the beat. He'd been made. His facial expression had betrayed him when she told him her name. "Damnit! I'm going to kill this demon bitch. I don't have time for this bullshit."
    Ladies room my ass. He gulped the rest of his whiskey, slamming the glass on the bar counter and exited the joint before she made it to the back the alley and jump in the cab toward the Velmelho Hotel to the underworld portal. He hurried through the front doors of Chimera, at 2 a.m. the line to enter the club wrapped around the block. He headed in the opposite direction to the rear exit where Saryl would make a run for it.
    Al veered toward the alley, pulled from his back a silver plated Glock armed with holy chrism tipped silver bullets. He hated alleys. They were the entrails of joints like Chimera where the sour stench of days old food and booze polluted the air. The bio hazardous sweat of the big capacity air conditioner cooling the club had given life to a dark green sludge that veined on the exterior of the building.
    Gross. He removed the safety catch off the gun, and positioned himself on the wall opposite to the club camouflaging in the dark waiting for his target.

    1. Oooooooh! Fantastic! What happens next?

  2. Oh wow, that was an awesome teaser!!!

  3. I forgot my teaser. This is taken from my debut novel, Love's Prophecy.

    A sudden sadness crept across Breeana's face. Mel tilted her chin up so he could see her eyes. “It sounds beautiful, so why the sad look?”

    “You're right, rainbows are beautiful. The majority of us take them for granted. Like me. I see a rainbow and think, wow, how beautiful, then that's it. Gone. Forgotten.” She gazed out over the lawns and gardens. “I wonder if rainbows are one of the marvels the gods created for us and we just ignore them. Like flowers, the stars, and the moon. They're always there, we just overlook them.”

    Mel's love for her engulfed him. The intensity of it was akin to pain; a pain he was afraid would never go away. She looked up at him, smiling at first, then sadness once more dominated her features. And he knew she was thinking the same thing he was; their love had no future.

    He grazed his knuckles down her cheek. “It's funny how we can forget some things so easily, but others you know you'll never forget.”

    1. Beautiful scene! Thank you for sharing!

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    1. So glad you enjoyed them! Thanks for coming by!