Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday Teaser

It's a fantastic Tuesday morning!  Join me for a snippet of Erick and Dei, my Viking WIP.  Remember to share and leave me a teaser of yours as well!   Also, drop by my fabulous critique partner's blog, April London, for her snazzy teaser too!  

Happy Writing!  Happy Reading!

“I’m just going to lay here for a moment until my head stops spinning.” 
“Let me help you get those flowers out of your hair,” Erick spoke softly as he knelt down beside her on the fur.  He watched her slowly open her eyes and look up at him when she felt his hands in her hair.  They were liquid silver, but not hot and angry this time.  The wine was cheating her of her anger and allowing him to rouse her body’s natural instincts.  He continued to stroke her hair and watched her eyes close in pleasure, such a little thing to calm the fiery temper within her. 

His hand continued its downward movement and proceeded to trace her cheek and along her neck to the base of her throat.  He could feel her pulse swell in the hollow of her throat as though her heart had risen from its usual place.  “Lovely,” he whispered, his breath hot against her ear.